We aim for a summit where Turkish companies with their global customers will once again emphasize that they are ready for their sustainability expectations, which immediately responded to the rapid and radical changes in the industry with their capacity increases and new investments, together with the automotive industry’s leaders, manufacturers, suppliers, all relevant institutions and stakeholders, automotive engineers, production engineers and purchasing specialists at the Automotive Processes Summit and Exhibition.

Automotive main industry, OEM and Tier1+Tier2 manufacturers, domestic and foreign sector representatives will meet in the “Heart of the Automotive industry”,  Bilişim Vadisi, Gebze-Kocaeli on November 8-9, 2023.

Why Should You Take Part in the Automotive Processes Summit and Exhibition?

If you are providing services and manufacturing to the Automotive industry, future mobility, sustainable car/automotive materials of the future, future supply chain strategies, new production techniques, technologies, experiences and many topics related to purchasing, you can introduce your company in the exhibition area to the local and foreign visitors and delegation who will come to this organization, which will be explained in the sessions of the 1200-person conference hall, you can share your products, innovations, knowledge and experiences gained in the sector.

We gather together the Automotive Main Industry and OEM, Tier1+Tier2 manufacturer and exporters  with machine and sheet metal processing, mold manufacturing, plastic and rubber parts manufacturing, software, ERP, and industry 4.0-5.0 applications and the smart factories of the future, robot applications, along with Classic fuel parts manufacturers, electric vehicles parts (BEV and hydrogen + fuel cell) manufacturers, start-up companies of the automotive industry and more on the same platform, where you will be able to closely observe the innovations in the industry.

  • Location: Bilişim Vadisi – Gebze – Kocaeli – Türkiye
  • Date: Nov 8-9, 2023

Now you can become a free visitor-delegation to this summit to be informed about the innovations in the automotive industry, or you can contact us to become a paid sponsor and exhibitor with a stand!

Conference Headlines of Automotive Processes Summit And Exhibition:

Turkey’s place and priority in the developing technologies of the World Automotive industry!
Opinions of main Industrial companies, in the Automotive industry; electrification, the future of batteries, innovations in 3D Additive Manufacturing Technology, Digital Twin Technology, Artificial Intelligence Technology with  What is happening in Sector Development and Change?
What will happen? Where will Turkey be in the future of E-mobility?
What are the production processes of OEM and Tier1+Tier2 companies in the automotive industry ? What will the purchasing processes be like in the future? How to become a Supplier for Global and Regional OEM and Tier1 companies What Does the  Opinions of OEM and Tier1 Companies, Future of Supply Chain Strategies,  Innovation  in the Automotive Industry Mean?
How is Sustainability happening in the Automotive industry? “Green Consensus” in the Automotive industry! How should manufacturers implement the “Green Consensus”? Recyclable materials for automobiles?
Risks and opportunities in export, Access to New financing routes, R&D, product Development, Logistics,
E-fuel: Carbon Neutral in vehicles? Euro 7, production with new emission regulations, B2B meetings and more!



Product Groups Planned to be on the Exhibition Floor

•Driveline – Engine – chassis – Transmission – Clutch – Brake Systems
•Aluminium cast, extruded parts
•R&D, Design, Engineering Services – Quality Certification, Logistics
•Electrical – Electronic parts
•Computing – CAD – CAM – Software – Digital transformation
•Heat Treatment
•Electric Vehicles – Battery Systems
•Raw Materials Manufacturers (Iron-Steel, Chemistry, Pipe, Sheet, Glass, Copper, Aluminum,
Plastic, Rubber etc.)
•Hydraulic – Pneumatic
•Heating-Cooling-Air-Conditioning – Ventilation Systems
•Rim – Battery – Tire – Oil – Filter
•Mold; Metal Injection, Plastic Injection, Rubber, Progressive Sheet Mold, Buffer Mouldings
•Automotive Parts Made of Rubber – Rubber Forming
•Cutter Welders & Equipments
•Welding Machines – Laser
•Spot Welding Machines and Spare Parts
•Automotive Textile – Seat – Interior Trim Parts – Automotive Isolation
•Exterior Trim Parts – Bumper – Wiper Systems, Lighting – Glass etc.
•Automotive Parts Made of Plastic – Plastic injection – Plastic Forming – Composite
•Metal Sheet Styling – Machined Fabrication – Body and Chassis Parts
•Metal Sheet – Bodywork – Paint Fabrication and Applications – Surface Coating
•Sheet Metal Processing Machines – Metal Processing Machines – Pipe Bending Machines
•CNC Control Systems – CNC and Universal Chipping Machinery – Cutting and Holding Tools
•Start-up Companies
•Automation – Robot and Robotic applications





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